Ralphie's Fun Center Rules & Regulations

No youth under 16 years of age will be allowed to enter Ralphie’s without being accompanied by, or under direct supervision of, an adult (21 or older). If not accompanied by, or under direct supervision of, an adult (21 or older) a valid driver’s license shall be required to prove age prior to entry.  

  **Adults may only be responsible for 2 youths under the age of 16. Additional youths per supervising adult will be allowed under the discretion of management. Youths under the age of 16 are not allowed to exit the building without their supervising adult.

1. No soliciting.

2. No loitering.

3. No fighting.

4. No cursing or inappropriate language.

5. No weapons.

6. No drugs or alcohol.

7. No sagging, loose or inappropriate clothing.

8. Persons committing acts of vandalism will be held responsible for the cost of repairs.

9. No tobacco products of any form.

10. Obey all signs, posted warnings, and safety notices. 

11. No Public Displays of Affection.

12. No running, horseplay, or behavior that could injure themselves or another person.

13. No misusing or damaging equipment and/or property.

14. Skates are to be worn and used only in designated areas.

15. Fire exits, paths to exits and doorways shall remain clear at all times.

16. No entry into Mini-Golf, Inflatables, and Time Freak areas unless you have paid admission and are currently playing.

17. No entry onto the bowling concourse unless you have paid and are currently bowling.

18. No persons allowed outside or in the parking lot unless you are entering or leaving the building (or smoking if over the age 18).

19. Participation in all activities is at your own risk.