Embark on an amazing adventure at Ralphie’s Fun Center with our thrilling Black Light Pirate Mini-Golf course. Offering nine-holes of golfing fun, this unique attraction immerses you in the captivating world of pirates, complete with an astonishing pirate ship, as its center piece.

A Pirate's Paradise in Blacklight

Step into a pirate’s paradise as you enter Ralphie’s Fun Center Black Light Mini-Golf course! The moment you step through the entrance, you’ll be transported into a world of mysterious treasures. The entire course is bathed in blacklight, giving a glow that highlights the vibrant, hand-painted pirate-themed decor , creating an astonishing atmosphere that is perfect for any ages!

The Majestic Pirate Ship

The true highlight of our mini-golf course is the massive pirate ship that takes center stage. You’ll feel like a fearless pirate as you navigate your golf-ball around the ship, all while searching for hidden treasure that awaits! The ship’s impressive size and intricate details make it a memorable feature, adding more excitement to your family and friend outing!

Nine Holes of Adventure

Our Black light Mini-Golf course offers nine holes, each with its own unique challenges. Putt your way through a treacherous maze of obstacles! This is a fun and challenging experience suitable for all ages!

Great spot for a stormy day. Kids loved roller skating, bowling, and mini golf. The glow in the dark mini golf was a neat idea. The staff was friendly and very helpful.
We purchased wrist bands for the day, very affordable.

Fun for All Ages

Whether you’re a seasoned mini-golf pro or a first-time putter, our Black light Pirate Mini-Golf course promises a memorable adventure for everyone. The pirate theme, captivating blacklight design, and creative obstacles provide an entertaining and family friendly experience that appeals to all ages. It’s a perfect way to spend quality time with loved ones, celebrate a special occasion, or simply enjoy a night out!

This is a thrilling and immersive journey you won’t want to miss! We can’t wait to see you!


Ralphie’s Fun Center in Glasgow, KY offers a unique take on mini-golf. We have an indoor, blacklight mini-golf course! Visit the Mini-Golf activities page to get more information!

This is a nine hole course with different obstacles at each hole!

Our mini-golf course is wheelchair accessible, giving everyone a fun and unforgettable experience!

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