At Ralphie’s Fun Center in Glasgow, KY, we’ve created a haven of joy for our younger guests with our Inflatables! Designed exclusively for children aged ten and under, these inflatable wonders provide a safe and exhilarating space for kids to bounce, slide, and play to their hearts’ content.

Unlimited Inflatable Fun for Kids

Immerse your child in a world of boundless energy and laughter with our always-available inflatables. From colorful bounce houses that spark the imagination to thrilling slides that guarantee endless giggles, our inflatable play area is great for children!

Booking Inflatables for Birthday Parties

Elevate your child’s birthday celebration by incorporating inflatables that are exclusively for birthday parties, that are not available to the public. Upon request, we can arrange an inflatable setup for your child, turning the party into a unique and unforgettable experience. 

Nice and clean and HUGE facility. Had my son’s 3 year bday party here. He had a blast. 15$ for a wrist band that includes skating, bounce house, mini golf, bowling… all the activities are toddler friendly, they have things to help them skate and bowl. The staff were a pleasure to work with and everyone had a great time! Thank you ralphies!Morgan King

Ages Ten and Under - Safe and Supervised

Ralphie’s Fun Center is committed to providing a safe and supervised environment for our inflatable enthusiast. Our inflatables are specifically designed for ages ten and under, ensuring age appropriate play and an atmosphere tailored to the unique needs of younger kids. Our attentive staff is always on hand to monitor activities, ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience for all!

Ralphie’s Fun Center invites you to let your child’s imagination soar in our inflatable wonderland. With age-appropriate fun, customized birthday options, and year-round availability, our inflatables offer the perfect recipe for creating cherished childhood memories. Come and join the inflatable excitement at Ralphie’s, where the fun never deflates!


Inflatables are only for children ages 10 & under.

Ralphie’s Fun Center has 2-3 inflatables up at all times. Upon request, we do offer different inflatables with specific party packages. Check out our Inflatables page to learn more!

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