Ralphie’s Fun Center invites you to step into a world of arcade excitement, where the thrill of classic and cutting-edge games converge. Our arcade experience is elevated with a modern twist!

Next-Level Gaming with Play Cards

Say goodbye to the hassle of counting tickets and embrace the future of arcade fun at Ralphie’s. With our innovative play card system, your game credits and points are conveniently stored on a single card. Simply swipe, play, and watch as the card accumulates points for each victorious game! 

Diverse Arcade Adventures

Discover an array of arcade games that cater to everyone at Ralphie’s Fun Center! Challenge friends to an exhilarating game of air hockey, immerse yourself in the virtual reality world, or hop on some of the motorcycles for a high-speed racing experience! With each game, your card accumulates points to receive exciting rewards!

This place was awesome.  Wish we had gone earlier. There’s a skating rink, bowling alley, concessions, and a HUGE arcade.Amanda g.

Points Equal Prizes

At Ralphie’s, the fun doesn’t end when the game does. Collect points on your play card and transform your gaming success into a shopping spree at our prize counter! From small prizes to big-ticket items, our wide variety of items caters to all tastes and preferences!

Step into the future of arcade entertainment at Ralphie’s Fun Center, where card credits, diverse game options, and points-to-prizes system create a dynamic and rewarding gaming experience. Whether your chasing high scores or eyeing that coveted prize, our arcade promises endless fun and excitement for all!


At Ralphie’s Fun Center, we offer over 40+ arcade games and attractions. This includes TimeFreak and Virtual Reality Games! Visit our Arcade page for more info!

Tokens and quarters are not used to play arcade games. There are also no physical tickets. All points accumulated from the arcade center are placed on a game card. Once you purchase a Game Card, credits are loaded onto it in order to activate arcade games.

After you’ve used all the credits on your game card, take the card up to our Redemption Counter to get prizes!

We do! We have two pool tables located in front of the bowling alley! 

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